Welcome to ID personal training. My aim is to provide you with the highest quality training on offer wherever it is convenient to you. If you are interested in getting significant results from your exercise sessions then you are in the right place.

  • I was never a sporty or fit person and did not enjoy exercise, until I starting training with Ian Dryburgh. Ian assessed my abilities and condition and, without ever making me feel discouraged or out my depth, challenged me to push myself in a way I could never do for myself. His positivity, encouragement and ability to get 10% more from me, even when I thought I had reached my limit, has rapidly and effectively improved my fitness and body shape to the best both have ever been.

    I look forward to going out twice a week to his class because I know I will benefit each and every time. I have lost two stone in weight and I now actively enjoy the challenge (and endorphins!) that getting fit provides.

    Cheers Ian!
    - Lyndsay Russel

  • Ian is friendly and approachable. He is very good at motivating me and pushing me towards achieving my goals. His advice and training was instrumental to me completing the Edinburgh marathon this year.
    - Becky Lyon

  • I trained regularly with Ian Dryburgh during the run of my demanding one woman show in Edinburgh; I dread training, but Ian made it both palatable and productive, and I considerably increased my fitness levels and general health during my time with him.

    I would not hesitate to recommend him to other people, who like me might be in need of improved fitness levels but don't relish having to do anything about it.
    - Heather McGregor

  • Ian has been helping me improve my fitness for over 6 months. It seems like no time at all. He has kept me motivated with just the right balance of encouragement and goal setting. He changes the routine every session so it does not become boring and routine.

    Ian is very easy to work with and has helped me climb my own personal hill.
    - Rosemary Lochery