• Personal Training Services
  • Personal Training Services
  • Personal Training Services

All my programs will be designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, get fitter, get stronger, increase flexibility or anything else you want to achieve. Our initial session will involve an assessment of your goals and how best to meet them.

We will also run a series of tests to gauge your current physical fitness levels. These results will allow a tailored program to be designed specific to your needs. At the end of every program we will retest your fitness levels to ensure that progress is being made, and to re-evaluate your goals.

All the programs are designed so they are flexible and can be performed anywhere that suits you.


single session

Single Session


group session

Group Session (2 or more)

£25 per person

single session

10 Single Sessions


single session

10 Group Sessions

£230 per person